Attic Trusses – Creating Space

Attic Trusses – Creating Space

For housebuilders, attic trusses combine the ability to make as much of a house design habitable as possible (thereby optimising revenues) with a simple way of providing the structural roof, floor and internal walls in the same component.

Leaving the attic space free of internal web members leaves the space available for additional bedrooms, bathrooms and office space among other uses.

This project, for example, is a new build house in Merseyside, where Robinson Manufacturing (RML) designed and supplied attic trusses to accommodate a yoga, fitness and storage space to optimise this new family home.

There are many benefits of attic trusses:

  • Structural roof and floor in single component
  • Elimination of complex labour-intensive site work
  • Reduced build cost per square metre due to full utilisation of space
  • Increased living space achieved without changing footprint of house
  • Lower member of truss provides floor platform
  • Full utilisation of loft space provides benefits for both builder and homeowner
  • Complete roof structure provided ready for floor boarding, roof finishes and plasterboard
  • Engineered to take the loads associated with an additional room
  • Factory assembled components ensure consistent quality
  • Create your brand-new living area with Room In Roof Trusses

The pandemic has created a demand for homes with space to work from home, so attic rooms are becoming increasingly popular. With clever design, attic trusses can increase the amount of usable room in a building void by up to 70% without increasing the footprint or roof height, turning previously unusable roof voids into added-value living space.

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Attracting Younger People into Construction

Attracting Younger People into the Construction Supply Chain

As a key part of the construction supply chain, Robinson Manufacturing (RML) – like so many UK businesses on both construction and manufacturing – has been looking at the challenges presented by an ageing workforce.

Of course our older workers are highly valued for their skills, experience and knowledge of systems and processes. But companies also face potential future difficulties when these long-serving employees retire and there aren’t enough younger people coming through to follow in their footsteps.

Neither construction nor manufacturing are glamourous occupations, and both have struggled to attract that fresh young talent to learn from experienced older staff.

RML has chosen to take a very proactive approach to the issue, engaging with the Government’s Kickstart programme from a very early stage. This has allowed the business to take on a large number of young people who have found it difficult to find their place in the workforce through the pandemic – through no fault of their own – into six-month, part-time placements.

This injection of young talent, evident in every department across the business from marketing to production, has been incredibly refreshing. Many who started out as Kickstarters have quickly moved into full time, permanent roles.

In turn, this has had a transformative effect on the age distribution among staff. At a time where the business has been growing, without losing older staff, RML is proud to be able to say that over 20% of its staff are under 25, bucking trends in both construction and manufacturing.

CEO Simon Kidney is delighted with the impact the programme is having: “The Kickstart programme was initially, for us, a way to both attract new talent and continue the legacy of the company’s founder Tim Robinson, who was a firm believer in giving young people a chance,” he explained. “It has turned into a real transformation, with teams of all ages working together, whilst future proofing RML’s potential growth.”

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How does Timber Frame Save on Build Costs?

How does Timber Frame Save on Build Costs?

Timber Frame is rapidly becoming more popular for a whole host of reasons, one of which being that it can provide housebuilders with significant cost savings. Head of Timber Frame at Robinson Manufacturing, James Stanbridge, explains why:

  • Less Waste. Taking large sections of the construction off-site into a controlled manufacturing environment makes the process more efficient. Component materials are cut to provide the minimum amount of waste and those off-cuts that are surplus can be re-used as noggins or even to heat the factories! Timber is recyclable as well as renewable
  • Reduced snagging and defects. Manufactured in factory conditions which are dry and subject to stringent quality controls. All components are manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with internationally recognised accreditation bodies.
  • Reduced construction time. Timber frame is fast both through the factory and when installed on site. This saves money on site set up and prelim costs. Plus this increases the speed on return of investment. Further savings can be achieved with savings within the sub-structure, scaffold and craneage.
  • Reduced risk of going overbudget. Timber frames are designed in accordance with architects’ requirements from the outset. RML includes everything you will need to complete the structural timber frame works from the outset. There wont be any hidden costs or need to dip into contingency funds.

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New Sideloaders at RML Central

New Forklifts at RML Central

Robinson Manufacturing’s Central factory in Wellingborough, Northants, has recently taken the delivery of new combi-lifts at Central which replace older models.

The new equipment is brand new and regular service plans mean they will be maintained at maximum efficiency, all managed via an online portal to help our production teams schedule regular maintenance to minimise disruption to the operation.

One of the benefits of updated equipment is that it usually comes with plenty of new user-friendly features, and this is no exception. The new trucks come with a joystick that allows fully functional control over the forks with one hand, allowing the operator to keep the other hand on the steering wheel at all times. An additional horn is on the steering wheel for easier access.

They also all have lower masts which means they are all capable of completing any required tasks in the factory as well as in the yard, expanding the fleet availability for a full range of tasks.

Our teams report that the vehicles are much more comfortable to drive, and the forks are mechanically quicker, helping to speed up tasks. They also have easy access to grease points, making daily maintenance a breeze.

Branch Manager Tom Carter commented on the impact of the new updated equipment: “With the benefits of fewer breakdowns, more comfortable rides, and quicker operation, the yard team are much happier and less stressed in their daily tasks.”

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