Demand in 2022

It’s now over a month since the majority of us in the housebuilding sector took the traditional Christmas and New Year break and took the opportunity to reflect on a challenging but hugely successful year.

In terms of demand in the sector, it was a year of unprecedented volumes, and one which kept supply chains busy through to the end of December and 2022 has begun how 2021 finished. That’s great news for the housebuilding sector as a whole. The mild weather has meant that sites have bounced back, and demand remains high.

The strategies we put in place to deal with consistently high levels of demand across 2021 have helped Robinson Manufacturing (RML) enter 2022 with confidence; proactive call-offs from sites have really helped us as a business manage the demand effectively and combined with our capacity planning strengths, RML continues to be a key, resilient part of the housebuilding supply chain.

We can already see Q1 production levels at high capacity for the rest of the quarter and encourage sites to continue their great work in planning ahead and requesting product in plenty of time to allow us to book it onto the system, especially considering the two four day weeks in April.

Q1 looks to be a great start to the year, and it won’t be long until Q2 starts to fill up. We look forward to working closely with Buyers, Technical departments, and Site Operations for what will be another huge year.

If you’d like to talk to RML about helping meet demand across your build programme this year, just email us or call 01933 279597.

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