Employee Wellbeing at RML’s Heart

Employee Wellbeing at RML’s Heart

The physical and mental wellbeing of Robinson Manufacturing’s teams across the country is a topic CEO Sam Gartside feels strongly about, so much so that it is numbered among her top three strategic objectives for the business:

“To prioritise the mental and physical wellbeing of our teams as we continue to build the business.”

And as Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 draws to a close, Sam is proud of what the business has been able to achieve around this objective:

“Every business relies on its people, and particularly so in a relatively people intensive manufacturing business like RML. Our people show us a huge amount of loyalty and commitment every day and we, in turn, need to make sure we recognise the impact of sheer hard work on physical and mental wellbeing. Just paying people is really only half of the story in terms of the transaction staff make when they go to work every day.

“Where possible flexible and hybrid working are considered, and while our wonderful QESH team focus continually on the physical safety of all our staff, they have also driven the introduction of Mental Health First Aiders to the business, now being rolled out to all sites, helping us to break down barriers to asking for help and the surrounding stigma.

“Wellness Days, an initiative by our HR team, give staff the opportunity to take a break when they need it most, without worrying about losing holiday entitlement or pay – and are proving immensely popular.

“Our market leading Employee Benefits platform, available to all employees through LimeBee Business doesn’t just give staff access to a same day telephone or online GP appointment (so important when there is so much difficulty accessing NHS primary Care services), but also to confidential helplines for a range of needs from bereavement and mental health counselling to debt, money and personal legal issues.

“Last but by no means least – and an issue very close to my heart – we have just made significant improvements to our parental leave and pregnancy loss provision to make sure that we are supporting all employees with appropriate leave and financial support through what can be a very stressful period emotionally and financially. We are now among the leaders of our industry for this support.

“We won’t stop here. Truly prioritising the physical and mental wellbeing of our people means we will always be reviewing their needs, both as a staff body and as individuals. We already know there are other areas we want to look at, including supporting colleagues with caring responsibilities. My Senior Leadership Team are all aware of this objective, and my door is always open to other initiatives that will help demonstrate our loyalty to and care for our staff.”

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