Attic Trusses – Creating Space

For housebuilders, attic trusses combine the ability to make as much of a house design habitable as possible (thereby optimising revenues) with a simple way of providing the structural roof, floor and internal walls in the same component.

Leaving the attic space free of internal web members leaves the space available for additional bedrooms, bathrooms and office space among other uses.

This project, for example, is a new build house in Merseyside, where Robinson Manufacturing (RML) designed and supplied attic trusses to accommodate a yoga, fitness and storage space to optimise this new family home.

There are many benefits of attic trusses:

  • Structural roof and floor in single component
  • Elimination of complex labour-intensive site work
  • Reduced build cost per square metre due to full utilisation of space
  • Increased living space achieved without changing footprint of house
  • Lower member of truss provides floor platform
  • Full utilisation of loft space provides benefits for both builder and homeowner
  • Complete roof structure provided ready for floor boarding, roof finishes and plasterboard
  • Engineered to take the loads associated with an additional room
  • Factory assembled components ensure consistent quality
  • Create your brand-new living area with Room In Roof Trusses

The pandemic has created a demand for homes with space to work from home, so attic rooms are becoming increasingly popular. With clever design, attic trusses can increase the amount of usable room in a building void by up to 70% without increasing the footprint or roof height, turning previously unusable roof voids into added-value living space.

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