Audited Accounts FY18-19

An excerpt from the final filed audited accounts for Robinson Manufacturing Ltd from FY18-19.

“It’s been a fun four years since we bought the business (5 years since departing banking!) and I am particularly pleased with sales growth and ROCE over those four years on the back of a pretty clear strategy,” explained CEO Simon Kidney. “This has given us our strongest ever balance sheet and helped us navigate the challenges of COVID assisted by a diversification strategy with alternative income sources across the wider group. And, contrary to hearsay, against decreasing lending year on year!”

He continued: “We couldn’t do this without brilliant suppliers and great customers who believe in our production and proposition, and of course we couldn’t do this without our ‘best in class’ team across our 7 sites. And our amazing partners like Mitesh Thakrar and his audit team who have been outstanding, pragmatic and engaging throughout this process.”