Developing our Staff Inductions

Our formal company inductions have developed significantly over the last couple of years, in line with business and legislations changes within the industry as well as to make them as useful and engaging as possible for people new to Robinson Manufacturing (RML).

We complete two inductions for all new employees. One of these is on the new starter’s first day. It will be completed with the line manager on site and covers the basics that the worker needs to be aware of.

A full Health and Safety employee induction will be completed on site within the first 14 days of the new staff member’s employment. These inductions are completed throughout our 7 sites across the UK by Emma Carr.

During the induction Emma gives a background of the company so employees know more about the business they are working for. Members of the management team will also be discussed along with their job titles and duties. This enables new staff to know who’s who, and which person to speak to about certain things.

The induction then focuses on Health and Safety. This will include things like health and safety at work, manual handling, working at height, general site housekeeping, fire safety and evacuation, ISO accreditations and more. Key business policies such as smoking, drugs and alcohol will also be covered during the induction.

Also included in the induction is the HR side of the business. This will include how to request holidays, who to speak to about pay and more, as well as our stress and mental health support available to all workers. Colleagues will be told about the company internet where all policies can be found. They will also be shown the company benefits schemes, discussing where to find them and how to gain access to them.

At the end of the induction everyone is given a test to complete. This helps us ensure that all staff fully understand everything they need to know. If there are any gaps in their knowledge, then we can go over these again for some workers. It is not a ‘tick box’ exercise. We want to ensure our workers know what is expected of them and that they are safe on site.

Throughout the induction Emma ensures hew new colleagues are interacting and engaged. This is not an induction where workers are just sat looking at a screen. We appreciate a lot of our new starters have experienced tick box inductions in this industry, this is why we create the induction bespoke to everyone. Emma shares real life examples from the business, so it connects to what is around staff right now and through their initial employment.

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