Introducing Joinery and the Planer Moulder

Didn’t know Robinson Manufacturing had its own joinery? Based at our East Midlands factory in Wellingborough, we operate a wide range of equipment, making anything from porch kits to gallows brackets. Over coming weeks we’ll give you an insight into some of the larger pieces of equipment we run as well as they type of work we undertake.

Head of Bespoke Timber Products, Mat Harbour, talking about RML’s joinery capabilities: “The equipment we use allows us to make a wide range of products to complement our joist, truss and timber frame operation, reducing the number of suppliers housebuilders need for timber products,” he explained.

One of the core pieces of machinery is the 5 Headed Planer Moulder, which does exactly what its name suggests.  It planes rough timber from the raw stock sizes, down to the required finished size.  It also has the facility to add a moulding to the timber before the motorised feed pushes it out of the end of the machine.  This gives us the ability to produce anything from window boards and fascia to skirting boards or picture rails!

How does it work?

The timber enters the machine and first runs over the cutter on the bottom edge, working at a maximum width of 230mm. Then to the fence side at a maximum depth of 120mm. The near side comes next with the top edge finishing the planing work.  The final pass over the cutters adds any moulding required.

At maximum speed, the planer can work through 24m/minute with the spindles rotating at 6000rpm.

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