Introducing Wellness Days

Much has been written about wellbeing in the workplace since the start of the pandemic and like most businesses, Robinson Manufacturing (RML) has been working hard to ensure that all our colleagues have access to the wellbeing and mental health resources and support they may need, including counselling. We have also trained a number of people as Mental Health First Aiders.

Just as importantly, we recognise that prevention is better than cure, and that we can all, from time to time, get over tired and overworked. Not only is this bad for the business, but it’s bad for individuals’ mental health and can lead to burnout, a combination of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.

So in an innovative move, RML has introduced Wellness Days across the business, giving employees the chance to take care of their mental health. Head of HR Anna Kennedy explains “Put simply, Wellness Days are designated time-off that an employee can use to recharge themselves, putting them in the right headspace for their jobs.”

This leave is provided in addition to regular annual leave and employees are entitled to one day every three months. As employees are encouraged to use the days for preventative physical and mental health, to positively impact their wellbeing. These days do not carry over to the next three-month period as the whole point is to use them! 

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