IWD at RML’s Central Site

While formal IWD celebrations and events were happening all across the UK yesterday, some of the most powerful happenings through this International Women’s Week (as it has become) were the unscripted and spontaneous ones.

Head of Marketing, Eppie Anderson, visited RML’s Central site yesterday and happened upon just such an activity, being led by Operations Manager Roxanne Newton. 

Rox had cleared one of the whiteboards to create a space for staff (male and female alike) to name a female who has influenced them in their life or career. The take-up was fantastic, with some really good interactions from everyone, including colleagues from the shop floor and many told their stories about their female role model as they named them.

“This initiative was remarkably moving,” commented Eppie. “Taking time to stop and remember how a specific woman influenced or even changed your life reminds you of that inspiration all over again.”

Here’s the finished product:

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