Tim Robinson’s Legacy Lives On

It’s been three years since the sudden and unexpected passing of Tim Robinson, who founded Robinson Manufacturing in 1986. We’ve talked before about his work ethic, and how his ethos of giving people life might have left behind a chance to thrive was – and remains – central to the business going forwards.

In the Housebuilding sector, “Robinsons” is still synonymous with timber engineered trusses, joists and now timber frame panels, all backed by personal service. Within RML, the name Tim Robinson lives on in hearts and minds with some fantastic memories from staff from across the business – here’s just a few:

  • A phrase I used only this week “An hour in the yard is better than 4 on the road” in his approach to loading the trailers.  A bit more time spent loading to fit it all on saves the hours of driving for a second load.
  • He used to say to me a “good Boy Scout always carry’s a knife” which has stuck with me. He also took a punt on me when I started as someone had broken their foot at the time and I needed a job,15 years later I’m now a senior member of the team. I will always work hard for him.
  • A very caring employer who would engage regularly with his staff and look to help with any problems they had.
  • On a personal note I spent a very enjoyable long weekend in his company to play golf in Portugal in the early 90’s staying at a villa owned by our boss . Driving home late one night Tim the good driver he was just managed to stop the car before we plunged into a very large hole in the road which was not properly cordoned off – might never have been a “Robinson Manufacturing”!!
  • Tim loved nature and animals – even though he worked as a butcher in his teens – I remember Mat Harbour arriving at work one morning saying he had hit a bird on the way in. Tim investigated and peeled off this tiny goldfinch from the grille still perfectly formed although passed away – and then went into great detail of it’s anatomy to both Matt and myself spreading the tiny wings out and expressing his knowledge to us. This from a man who helped to raise pheasants for shooting – another pastime he enjoyed !
  • Loved his cigars but must never tell on him to Elisabeth!
  • A massive “Disney” lover introducing both his two girls to Orlando and then his grandchildren also.
  • In the early days of the business, when 90% of our eight or nine production staff routinely worked on a Saturday, he’d come in and work our original saw (where the Hundegger is now). He always had a cigar in his mouth, though of course he would never light it! More importantly, he always bought the bacon rolls!
  • Tim was such an approachable person. 
  • His door was always open for assistance, guidance, or just a friendly chat.  He would always ask about family and friends, taking great interest in how they were and what they were up to.
  • Tim always had a smile on his face and would give you all the time in the world.  He was willing to give everyone a chance and would take great pleasure in seeing them succeed.

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