New Forklifts at RML Central

Robinson Manufacturing’s Central factory in Wellingborough, Northants, has recently taken the delivery of new combi-lifts at Central which replace older models.

The new equipment is brand new and regular service plans mean they will be maintained at maximum efficiency, all managed via an online portal to help our production teams schedule regular maintenance to minimise disruption to the operation.

One of the benefits of updated equipment is that it usually comes with plenty of new user-friendly features, and this is no exception. The new trucks come with a joystick that allows fully functional control over the forks with one hand, allowing the operator to keep the other hand on the steering wheel at all times. An additional horn is on the steering wheel for easier access.

They also all have lower masts which means they are all capable of completing any required tasks in the factory as well as in the yard, expanding the fleet availability for a full range of tasks.

Our teams report that the vehicles are much more comfortable to drive, and the forks are mechanically quicker, helping to speed up tasks. They also have easy access to grease points, making daily maintenance a breeze.

Branch Manager Tom Carter commented on the impact of the new updated equipment: “With the benefits of fewer breakdowns, more comfortable rides, and quicker operation, the yard team are much happier and less stressed in their daily tasks.”

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