Operations Manager Roxanne Newton Profile

Since being promoted to Operations Manager earlier this year, Roxanne Newton has taken on significantly more responsibility across the business, including team management – a new type of challenge.

However, valuable ongoing mentorship from members of the SLT has helped her to develop professionally and personally in order to thrive in this new role. She has found it rewarding to be entrusted with more responsibility in order to assist with driving the business forward.

The biggest challenge for Roxanne has been learning how to cope with the pressures of managing a team of people alongside managing her own workload. To start with, she found it difficult to combine the level of input required to manage a team with completing her own tasks in line with her own personal targets, and business need. However, she has settled into her role quickly and learnt what how best to manage her own working day and support the needs of others.

Prioritising effectively, managing her own time better and continuing to set herself targets was a great start. Roxanne has also become more comfortable with delegating, leaning on colleagues for support where required. She found that it also helped to have the drive and flexibility to be able to work outside of standard working hours, alongside coming to terms with understanding that sometimes it is not possible to ‘get everything done’ and that this is OK.

Roxanne has been with the business for a long time and knows where to go to access the knowledge and experience her new role requires; her colleagues have been happy to share tips. Learning how to manage stress effectively has helped her to guide her colleagues to do the same. She has learnt that communication is of the upmost importance and has learnt how to lead a team of people, and she has become more confident as a leader and as a person.

Roxanne is proud to have been entrusted to develop professionally within a company which she enjoys working for and has always given her the opportunity to develop her career. “I love the variety of my new role, where I can use the knowledge I have built over the past years across multiple different business areas to achieve results,” she explained. “I actually enjoy the pressure of being busy and find achieving result very rewarding. Working on longer term, more goal orientated projects have tested my ability and given me a challenge.”

General Manager Matt Korny, commented: “Roxanne was chosen due to her many years of experience with RML, and her ability to think logically about processes, challenges and solutions. RML is an ever changing environment, that needs constant attention and pro-active thinking, and Roxanne stands out as an individual who is well suited and extremely capable to this role.”

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