Recruiting Differently

You may have been watching RML’s considerable growth over the last 6 years and we’ve written much about how that expansion has been achieved.

Behind the scenes the pace of change in supporting functions required, like HR, to support the growth has been phenomenal. The HR team – which didn’t exist six and a half years ago – is now well established and runs RML’s people strategies. A fully functional HR system supports all staff and line management, while processes established since the MBO in 2015 are subject to continual review to make sure they’re efficient and effective.

Recruitment and onboarding are a case in point, and have just been reviewed by the HR team. As a much larger business, the volume of recruitment is higher, and even the onboarding process for new starters takes on a new level of importance.

Head of HR, Anna Kennedy, explains: “Recruitment authorisation processes change as business structures develop, and we have also focused on capturing all the information HR and Payroll need without duplication – not to mention needing to keep the amount of administration needed to the minimum.” She continued: “We have also looked at how we recruit from a candidate’s point of view to make sure we are keeping it as simple and informative as possible.”

Once the review is complete, including feedback and communication, new forms and processes will be made available on our intranet as well as on our HR System, YouManage.

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