Construction Supply Chain

Conspargo is active in the construction supply chain, both in the provision of high quality timber engineered products, including trusses, joists and timber frame panels, and as a timber importer.

Robinson Manufacturing Cheshire Roof Trusses Tygnum

Property Development and Housebuilding

Conspargo businesses operate in the commercial property development and rental sectors as well as in building and refurbishment of high quality individual heritage homes.

Pringle Heritage Developments | Pringle Commercial Estates


Conspargo owns and operates a luxurious 5* short term let operation in rural Cambridgeshire, and is actively engaged in the rugby world though two further businesses.

Pringle Farm | AFA | LimeBee

Thought Leadership

Underpinning all commercial activities across the Conspargo group is a recognition that the application of science can enhance any business, and we operate a number of thought leadership strands.

Exit Motivations | Inspiring 5050

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Conspargo Limited is registered as a company in England and Wales, registered company number: 12273159.

Unit 25-31, Meadow Close, Ise Valley Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 4BH, UK.