How does Timber Frame Save on Build Costs?

Timber Frame is rapidly becoming more popular for a whole host of reasons, one of which being that it can provide housebuilders with significant cost savings. Head of Timber Frame at Robinson Manufacturing, James Stanbridge, explains why:

  • Less Waste. Taking large sections of the construction off-site into a controlled manufacturing environment makes the process more efficient. Component materials are cut to provide the minimum amount of waste and those off-cuts that are surplus can be re-used as noggins or even to heat the factories! Timber is recyclable as well as renewable
  • Reduced snagging and defects. Manufactured in factory conditions which are dry and subject to stringent quality controls. All components are manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with internationally recognised accreditation bodies.
  • Reduced construction time. Timber frame is fast both through the factory and when installed on site. This saves money on site set up and prelim costs. Plus this increases the speed on return of investment. Further savings can be achieved with savings within the sub-structure, scaffold and craneage.
  • Reduced risk of going overbudget. Timber frames are designed in accordance with architects’ requirements from the outset. RML includes everything you will need to complete the structural timber frame works from the outset. There wont be any hidden costs or need to dip into contingency funds.

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